We understand that our relationship with our partners is very similar to the one between a composer and an orchestra; it is one of a common purpose, joint creativity, well-tuned instruments, and skillful players. This philosophy is what drives us to produce superb symphonies every time.
Whether you are looking for an award worthy film to launch your star product, a well-scripted documentary to sum up your corporate values, a production partner who can translate your creative vision, someone who can bring your next drama to life, or a wizard to make your educational content truly engaging, then you’ve come to the right place.
Kawalees is where highly talented script writers, illustrators, film makers, and art directors team up with ace directors, DOPs, and editors to provide you with the best standards of production.
We simply have the expertise, the talents, the equipment, and the vision to add unmissable value to any production.

By your side at any stage of the production process.
We provide complete video production services that cover everything from concept development, to hiring, casting, location scouting, storyboarding, script writing, filming and post-production, including motion graphics and animation for:
• Documentaries & Reports
• Television Programs
• Event Coverage
• Corporate Videos
• Educational Content


Organizing a major conference or planning for the launch of a new TV channel can be overwhelming, as tens of productions details need to be covered in sync to ensure debut is successful.
Kawalees has got you covered with its solid expertise in setting the stage for event shooting and its team of TV production and broadcasting professionals; our track record of providing end-to-end services to startup channels is testimony to the breadth of our expertise in this arena.

Let us give your television channel the debut it deserves. 
Our crew has over a decade of experience in establishing and operating television channels in the region. We provide a full end-to-end TV channel establishment service; from recruiting the needed talents to developing your content strategy to taking you live on air, we got you covered.


Anyone who is in the domain of high-quality productions understands the importance of access to equipped studios, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced creative and technical crew. Kawalees is here to support all producers and artists with all what they may require to achieve the impressive results they seek.

Our investment in creating and updating our studios is structured around staying in step with the latest technology; this enables us to accommodate and serve the various needs of our partners with excellence.


Kawalees relies on technology-driven studios and a team of seasoned creative professionals, to provide artists from all genres of entertainment with the logistics necessary for their endeavors.
Equally, Kawalees leverages its expertise, equipment, and talents to support TV channels in producing impactful content.


From ideation through to delivery, we love working on all
types of creative projects. 


We are a harmonious group of creative thinkers, producers, directors, editors, animators and project managers who are
consistently keen on creating highly engaging content and visually striking productions.

Kawalees Advantages:

  • High level talent pool with tremendous passion for video production.
  • Deep knowledge in video production techniques, equipment & processes.
  • Investment in state of the art high end studio infrastructure in Amman.
  • Energetic & committed core team of production and post-production professionals.
  • Ace support technicians on call 24 x 7.
  • Superior output leading to delivery of high standards of the end product:- videos.
  • High reputation built on managing projects meticulously with creative flair and with flawless execution.
  • Capable of providing any type of video content production services in the region.




If you want to work with one of the top video production companies in Jordan, then speak with one of our friendly representatives today.



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Dabouq - King Abdullah II St
P.O.Box162 - Amman 11822 Jordan