Kawalees is Arabic for “behind the scenes” and, to us, this is the name that truly sums up what we do; we are the force behind superb productions audiences enjoy watching or listening to across the MENA region. We set out from the very beginning to take the production game in our region to the next level with a comprehensive approach.
Since then, we’ve grown into a full-service production and media solutions company covering services ranging from idea conception to production management, and from video capture to post-production.
Throughout our journey, we’ve enjoyed creating quality visual content for corporate, commercial, creative and entertainment clients, companies big and small, startups, television networks, governments, non-profits, recording artists and more. We pride ourselves on the value we add at every point of the process and the excellence we demonstrate in our craft with every project.


Aside from their diverse skill sets and rich experiences, the members of our team are bound together by their, and our, shared values of ambition, efficiency, and purpose.
They are a harmonious group of creative thinkers, producers, directors, editors, animators and project managers who are consistently keen on creating highly engaging content and visually striking productions.


At Kawalees, we view ourselves not just as producer but rather as a propeller of quality content, a creative partner for artists, and a master of logistics for TV channels and independent producers. We add value through our talented people, our accumulated expertise, our highly reliable technical knowledge, and our state-of-the-art studio infrastructure. Our successful track record is testimony to our abilities, and our promise is to continue crafting excellence to our partners in the region.

Kawalees… Crafting Excellence


During the past years, we invested heavily in building the capacities of a creative team through the most recent and creative relevant trainings and programs, which resulted in being a unique selection for media production in our area and we are proud to be the choice for many well-known clients.


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Head Office
Dabouq - King Abdullah II St
P.O.Box162 - Amman 11822 Jordan